Writing Coach


Writing a Book? We can help.

If you are writing a book and are looking for guidance, or would like a critical evaluation of your manuscript, a writing coach might be exactly what you need to continue the forward momentum of your work.

How it works:

We will work together to determine your writing goals and then you will share 10 double-spaced pages of your project, approximately 2,450 words, along with specific issues you would like me to consider. Within 10 days of receiving this work, I will read your work, comment on it directly, as well as provide additional typed comments of at least two pages. We will then settle on a time to meet and discuss your piece (or do so by phone). 

This conversation will point out specific strengths of your manuscript and also note areas that can be further developed. I will also address your particular concerns and goals for the piece during our meeting and give you the insight you need to address your concerns and continue writing.

What students say

"You did a very thorough job for me and our discussion sparked so many thoughts." Derek S. 

"Our meeting was very helpful. I feel new inspiration for my novel and people who have read the edits say the changes you helped me make have made it worlds better. Thank you so much. " D. 


What sort of feedback do you offer? 

My feedback will first and foremost address your concerns about the manuscript. I will ask you about your concerns and overall objectives for the piece. My feedback is thorough and will provide specific thoughts on what is particularly impressive about your piece; I will also offer thoughts on how to develop and improve it as a whole. 

How do I send you my work?

Once I receive payment, I will email you with instructions about sharing your work with me via email or snail mail. You will share 10 pages of typed, double-spaced work in 12-point font (roughly no more than 2,450 words).

How much does this cost?


How long does it take you to respond?

Once I receive your pages, I have 10 days to read and comment on your work, draft at least two typed pages of comments, and set up a time we can talk either in person, via Skype or on the phone about your work. This conversation will last 45 minutes and during this time I will share my impressions with you and also answer any particular questions you have about your manuscript.