Learn the Art and Craft of Creative Writing in West Lafayette

Learn the art and craft of writing in an intimate and dynamic environment

Our Mission

At the Lafayette Writers' Studio in West Lafayette we believe in the transformative power of stories. We are passionate about reading and writing and offer a variety of high-quality creative writing courses with personalized attention. 

What our students say

"The Lafayette Writers' Studio classes I've taken have built not only my skills as a writer--they have increased my confidence in my own style and helped me find my voice. I've become part of a local community of writers. The time spent workshopping my writing has proven invaluable, offering me peer review and feedback I have used to revise and strengthen my work. I can't recommend the classes highly enough. "

Classes & Coaching

Invite, Beg, Snare, Broadcast, Brag: How to Open Stories and Essays

 Have you got what it takes to hook your reader with the first line of your story or essay and keep them reading until the end? Or do you spend too long staring at a blank screen and dreading writing the first sentence, or even the first draft? This workshop will explore how openings for any form  must invite, beg, snare, broadcast, brag to catch the busy reader's attention and keep them reading.

Before & After: Creating Character in Fiction and Memoir

  • There is great tension and conflict in the events by which we mark time, saying “before” and “after.” These might be births, deaths, accidents, —anything that creates a shift in how we live in the world. Participants in this class will engage in writing to identify the markers in their characters’ or their own lives and develop these into building blocks for their novels, stories or memoirs.

Intensive Writing Workshop

  • It takes time and courage to write and to write well. The purpose of this class is to continue the momentum you initiated in the Writing Fiction and Nonfiction Workshop, and begin to develop your book with an eye toward finishing it. This class is for the dedicated writer who is committed to seeing her/his project through to completion. 

Writing Fiction and Nonfiction Workshop

  • Writers need one another for feedback and community, but also to generate ideas and learn from one another. In this workshop you will study published work in depth and then apply this understanding to create thoughtful and compelling stories and essays of your own. 

Craft Your Story: A Summer Camp for Writers and Illustrators

  • Writers and Illustrators ages 10 and older will have the opportunity to explore the amazing, fascinating and fun world of writing and illustrating a story of their own design. In the process we will generate a variety of stories from 140-character Twitter stories to monologues while also discovering the best methods to illustrate such unique forms. 

3 Weeks, 3 Personal Essays

  • There are many ways for you to tell your story, but which is best? Often playing with form can reveal unexpected insights that make a memoir essay truly memorable. In this generative class we’ll explore the many facets of the personal essay and then try out such approaches to create momentum in our memoir essays. In the process, we'll have a great deal of fun.  


Have you started a book? Interested in more one-on-one feedback for your work-in-progress? A Writing Coach might be just what you and your writing needs to maintain momentum.

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